YB series box-type substation

YB series box-type substation

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YB type box-type substation is also called European-style box-type substation.
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YB series box-type substation
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Product overview

YB type box-type substation is also called European-style box-type substation. The products comply with the latest national standards: GB/T17467 and the Ministry of Electric Power Standard DL/T537. As a new type of power supply and distribution device, it has many advantages over traditional civil substations. sex. The box substation completes the conversion, distribution, transmission, metering, compensation, system control, protection and communication functions of electric energy. The YB type box-type substation is a compact, pre-installed complete set of power distribution devices composed of high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low-voltage power distribution equipment and shell, according to a certain wiring method. The high voltage is a load switch or a circuit breaker, and the transformer is a dry-type transformer or an oil-immersed transformer. The box body adopts a good heat insulation and ventilation structure, which is suitable for urban public power distribution, high-rise buildings, residential communities, industrial and mining enterprises, ports, oil fields, parks, highways and construction sites. It can also be modified to special It becomes a mobile power distribution device on the trailer chassis.


Technical features

  • Small size, compact structure and easy installation.
  • Easy to relocate, thus greatly shortening the cycle and floor space of infrastructure construction, and also reducing infrastructure costs.
  • On-site installation is simple, power supply is fast, equipment maintenance is simple, and the degree of automation is high, without the need for special personnel on duty.
  • Especially it can go deep into the load center, improve power supply quality and reduce power loss.
  • Low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, strong ability to resist sudden short circuit.
  • The factory is prefabricated, and there are a variety of options to choose from. The appearance is beautiful and can be coordinated with the surrounding environment.


Technical parameters

Parameter name Unit High voltage side Transformer Low pressure side
Rated voltage V 12,24,40.5 10,(20),(35)/0.315~0.69 0.315~0.69
Rated current A 1-1250   50-5000
Rated capacity kVA   50-2500  
High voltage tapping range kA   ±5%; ±2X2.5%  
Connect group     D,yn11 Y,yno  
Backup protection fuse   Breaking current 50    
Plug-in fuse kA Breaking current 2.5    
Oil-immersed load switch kA 31.5 (fuse, circuit breaker)    
Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 50, 80    
Rated short-circuit switching current A 2100, 2200 (only for load switch)    
Rated breaking transfer current A 20/4, 25/2, 31.5/4   30/1,50/1
Rated short-time withstand current kA/S 50,63,80   80,105
Rated peak withstand current kA 42,65,95 35,55,85 2.5
1min power frequency withstand voltage kV 75,125,185 75,125,200  
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage kV IP33;IP43    
Protection level   ≤50    
Noise level dB -25~+40    
Ambient temperature °C 300 thermal stability current 12KA, 16KA    
    600 Thermally stable current 30KA 40KA    




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