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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Changtai Group actively promotes the digital transformation of the enterprise and the deep integration of the two industrializations. By introducing high-end intelligent equipment such as sheet metal flexible production lines, drawer equipment lines, automated warehouses, robotic automatic bending equipment, automatic welding and cutting equipment, etc., it improves labor production efficiency and steadily Improve product quality, improve working conditions, shorten production cycles, and promote the construction of smart factories.


Comprehensively promote the entire process and full process coverage of the information system, continue to deepen the integration of business flow and value flow, and accelerate the deployment of visualization and digital control of the manufacturing process. Through cooperation with Huawei, the company builds a public cloud intelligent management and control platform that integrates ERP, PLM, MES, data collection, OA, and improves the efficiency of the group company's comprehensive management and operation management, and realizes the optimization of the manufacturing system and the entire process at all levels.


The group has successively won a series of honorary titles such as "Jiangsu Province Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization Standardization Pilot Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Five-star Cloud Enterprise", and "Jiangsu Province Demonstration Intelligent Workshop".


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