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Operating Regulations for Overhaul of Electrical Equipment

After the electrical equipment to be repaired is out of power, an electrical test must be carried out. The electroscope must meet the voltage level, and the high-voltage part must wear insulating gloves. After confirming that there is no electricity, lay the grounding wire and hold the infrared insulating rod to discharge to the ground.
02 2021/12

The development trend of high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment

High and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment refers to the combination of electrical equipment components including circuit breakers
02 2021/12

The role of isolation transformer

Isolation transformers are safe power supplies and are generally used for machine repair and maintenance to protect, prevent lightning, and filter.
02 2021/12

Look here after tripping, one second to distinguish whether the circuit breaker tripped due to leakage or short circuit trip

After the circuit breaker trips, whether we plan to perform repairs or try to close, we must know the cause of the last trip to narrow the scope of the suspected fault. Circuit breakers have two major protection functions-overload (short-circuit is a special form of overload) protection and leakage protection. So how can we know whether the circuit breaker tripped due to overload or leakage? In fact, by observing the circuit breaker after tripping, it can be recognized at a glance.
02 2021/12

The role of dry-type transformers in power transmission

In some power plants and power transmission places, you can see dry-type transformers. In the process of power transmission, electric energy can be converted into high-voltage current form, which can reduce the loss of belt energy during the transmission process and achieve good savings.
22 2021/11

Industrial automation transformation rapidly drives the electronic device market

Electronic devices in the current various automated production equipment absolutely occupy a core position. With the popularization of industrial automation equipment and consumer electronic products, the development of domestic electronic component manufacturing continues to maintain a relatively high growth rate.
21 2021/11
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