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Technology R & D

Technology R & D

Changtai Group has always insisted on striving for survival by quality and development by innovation, actively expanding the scope of cooperation of "production, learning, research and application", and constantly adopting new technologies, new processes and new equipment to provide customers with satisfactory products and services. Customers create value.

Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Transmission and Distribution Equipment Technology

Co-founded with Hohai University in August 2009, the laboratory has an experimental research and development site of 5,800 square meters, the total value of research equipment is about 40 million yuan, and has advanced test equipment, instruments and good test conditions. There are currently 60 fixed researchers, including 28 professors, 22 associate professors (senior engineers); 26 doctoral supervisors and 24 master supervisors.
Main research directions: insulation, heat dissipation, reliability and intelligent technology of switchgear, energy-saving, noise reduction, intelligent and manufacturing technology of transformers, intelligent perception technology of power transmission and distribution, and source network load power electronics technology.

R&D personnel
60 +
Laboratory area
5800 ㎡+
Experiment apparatus
40 Million

Jiangsu Province Wound Core Transformer and Intelligent Equipment Engineering Center

Co-founded with Hohai University in July 2015. The main task is to build a scientific and technological innovation platform for universities, scientific research units and enterprises, give full play to the advantages of production, learning, and research, and build a large-capacity wound core transformer research and development center, and a wound core transformer intelligent equipment The R&D center and incubation center radiate and drive the development of this field, and solve the current bottleneck problems of industrialization and promotion in the field of large-capacity wound core transformers.


Main technology research and development results

  • 12kV environmental protection gas insulated switchgear

  • 12~40.5kV SF6 gas insulated switchgear

  • 1×27.5kV high-altitude overhead outgoing gas insulated switchgear

  • 2×27.5kV gas insulated switchgear for electrified railway

  • 2×27.5kV energy-saving wound core autotransformer

  • 40.5kV Energy-saving Wound Core Rectifier Transformer

  • 110kV on-load tapping transformer

  • 220kV large energy-saving wound core traction transformer

  • 12~40.5kV prefabricated substation

  • Intelligent devices and systems for transformers and switchgear

  • Large silicon steel sheet folding line cutting machine

  • Large-scale silicon steel sheet material belt winding machine

  • Large closed loop vertical winding machine

  • Large-scale combined iron core splicing device

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