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Basic situation of the party branch

The party branch of CHANGZHOU PACIFIC ELECTRIC POWER EQUIPMENT GROUP was established in 1994. There are currently 36 official party members. The party members are located at all levels and links of the enterprise. Through the development of "creative leadership, excellence education, and innovation driven", the "three innovations" party building brand is created , Strive to promote the construction of the party organization, actively play the role of the party organization's battle fortress and the vanguard of party members, further stimulate the appeal, cohesion, and combat effectiveness of the party organization of the enterprise, and promote the integration of party building and business operations.

Party style

Party branch commendation

The company’s party branch has successively been rated as "Jiangsu Province Basic-level Advanced Party Organization", "Changzhou Advanced Basic-level Party Organization", "Changzhou Non-Public Enterprise Party Building Demonstration Site", "Changzhou City Construction Learning Party Organization Demonstration Site" and so on.

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